Precision rolling

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About us

Since 1987, Cipriani s.r.l. has been delivering specialist solutions in the field of cold rolling: a high-precision mechanical processing  carried out at room temperature.

This technique enables us to provide a wide range of products for a rich variety of sectors: goldsmithery, electromechanical, automotive, textiles, aero-spatial and nautical. We manufacture thin ribbon, square-shaped wire, spring profiles, stainless steel ribbon and many other products, which are exported and sold all over the world.

Our mission is to satisfy the Customers’ specific requirements without compromising the quality of the material or of the final  product,  at the same time maintaining  competitive prices.

We are investing a considerable part of our resources  in the research and development of packaging systems that can ensure product  safety, both during long-haul transport  and  long-term warehouse storage.

We guarantee a highly professional service, conducted with passion and precision by a team armed with nearly three decades of experience.

Choosing Cipriani s.r.l. means working with a team of real experts in cold rolling, a team characterized by passion, competence and punctuality- the company’s key values.